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I have this blog so I can share some thoughts and moments now and then. Previously I have traveled a lot, and on my way I met many interesting people and learned a lot. That's why I occasionally write in English, instead of Norwegian, which is my mother language, because I want the people out there that I have met to learn more about me and my thoughts too. Ever since I moved to Oslo 5 years ago, I always had this city as a base, and I always come back to it -the city in my heart. Now again I am based here, spending my days working as a freelance journalist - and after one year in the great vibrating multicultural city of Berlin, it is good to be back to my roots. 
In the autumn of 2014 I moved away from Oslo again. First I moved to the city Münster in Germany, and after that, my life will never be the same. At this point, I have no idea where I will end up!(and I like it :-) )
2017: Now again I'm back in Oslo. Turns out, what I stroke out above is still true :)

I am born and raised in Arendal, Norway (without having the dialect. My parents are not from there). Maybe thats why I love the ocean? If I didn't work as a journalist, I would have wanted to become a dancer. I trained ballet dancing during my entire childhood, and this used to be my great passion in life, now it is one of many. Different forms of communication is what now interests me the most, that being trough dance and performances or trough the written or oral word, or trough pictures or film. Learning about the history and how it can be related to everything around us, for instant fashion, plays a huge role in this for me too.

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I am norwegian, writeing in English and Norwegian in here (and even some German). Mostly I love my life - I hope it continues to stay that way! 

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Au revoir!, Hade!, Tschüss!, Bye!, пака! Chao!, từ biệt!, 枝節! for now :)

Motto: Dancing trough life is better than walking!