28 Oct 2010

Yesterdays shooting!

26 Oct 2010


Filmen er et bestillingsverk for organisasjonen jeg jobber i, altså Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste (ASF)

Auf Deutsch (Kürzversion):
Heute war ein sehr spannend Tag! Ich bin mit als eine assistentin in eine Filmproduktion hier in Berlin, und heute haben wir für diese gedreht. ASF, die Organisation dass ich arbeite als Freiwillig für, hat diesen Film bestellt.

Der Film ist ein gemisch von ASF Geschichte und eine Projekt dass ASF eine Partnerin in ist. Diese Projekt ist Neukölln Stadtteilmütter, und ihren Integrierungsstrategie. Die Idee, ist dass einige von dieser Stadtteilmütter die Geschichte in Berlin umgehen will, beide zusammen mit überlebende von der Zweiter Weltkrieg und alein. Ich finde das Filmprojekt sehr interessant!

Heute haben wir eine von der Statteilmütter Interviewed, beide bei der Büro für Neukölln Statteilmütter und auch zu ihrer Hause. 

See more pictures here: http://norskiberlin.blogspot.com/2011/03/work-filmproduktion.html 

25 Oct 2010

German lesson nr 1: Umlaut!

Just realised that I havent had the time to tell you all about my last experience. It starts like this: "Hey, I´m Linn and I want to go to a seminar in a city that starts with an "M" and ends with "nster". And if you think that seems easy, you don´t know my name.... No... really! You have no ide how wrong you are!

(Ok, det er litt flaut. Og ganske morsomt. / Ok, it is a little bit embarrasing. And a pretty funny.) 

Oktober the 15.th, 2010: I put myself into a lovely train in Berlin, around 10.30 in the morning, Friday the 15´th. At this point, not aware of that I am about to spend the whole day in a train, now I was pretty happy, having just bougth myself a nice can of fresh fruit, and was really looking forward to a relaxing journey to the city that starts with an "M" and ends with "nster". I love taking the train.

A quick stop in a place called "Steindal", and then further to "Uelzen", change here again, and then, wola! I would be in Munster. Altogether, with the changing of trains and waitingtime, the whole journey would take me about tree hours. Sweat! I would arrive at 13.38, just with enough time to be there for the tree ´o clock seminar starting hour. Wondeful. But the history wanted it differently... You know, its amazing to me that two little "dotts" can make sooooooo much difference. You know, "in Norway, we don´t have that!" Yeah..., I´m talking about umlaut. You know, those two "dotts" above the "u"(and also above the "a" and the "o" in german), that makes the whole big difference? Don´t even think about thinkin that those two "dotts", are not important! You know, you are temted to think, "it´s just the Deutsche Bahn (The German Train company) that hasn´t got the "dotts" on the online-booking", right? "So it´s fine". No! It´s not fine! Believe me.

So, I wanted (without knowing that I wanted that) to go to Münster. How could I know that Munster is not the same! I told you, dear reader, that I wanted to go to a city that starts with an "M" and ends with "nster".... Nedless to say, I ended up in Munster (of course), and I was supposed to be in Münster. And, even funnier, it was not intill I was acctually THERE AND THEN, in Munster, that I realized:"Hey...something is not right..." "It´s supposed to be a Hauptbahnhof" (a main train station, which are normally bigger because the place have more of them...). "This is just a very smal station, in the middle of nowhere..."

Ok, so Linn goes on. In the search for a bus nr 10, because thats what it says on the "How to get there" note, that I am going to take the bus nr. 10 to the place for the seminar. "Oh, and luckily, there is a bus stop!" "....but... where is bus nr 10??" "It doesn´t have one. Number 271? Hm?" (No, still not getting it... )

Then I ask a friendly woman in a little kiosk. "Hey, is there a bus number 10 around here?"
Friendly "no-nodding" with her head in responce. "But it says here that I am going to take the bus nr 10.. see?""Your in the wrong Munster. This is Munster. It says here you are going to Münster". "WHAAAAAATTTTTTTTT???????????. Ther´s two Muünsters!??"
Yeah... Now I got it...

So... I had no other choice. I had to buy this ticket:

From Munster, to Münster. Thats just hillarious really...(funny for everyone else but me).

And I don´t know... I have a strange feeling, those things only happend to me... I was a little bit surprised, I admit that, standing there at the train station, just thinking "What?? Is this actually happening!"

Here is where I went: (I got almost to Hamburg! And then down to the west again.) 

Vis større kart
(I didn´t go to Hamburg, as this map says, but Google map want that. I went with train to Uelzen, then Munster, then to Bremen, and then Münster.)

I had to wait, one and a half hour, for the next train to Bremen. Then change there again, and then, go to Münster.

So, insted of laying down on the train platform and cry my tears out, I started talking to a guy in the train station. He helpt me so that I could buy the correct ticket to Münster (from Munster, can be confusing...) 

After som other misunderstandings, I finaly got on the train to Bremen. Oh, yeah, not to forget, that the next train further to Münster from Bremen was late. 40 minutes. Did I say that I love taking the train?

What did I learn?
"Yes, the little things does matter!" (Especially in Germany)

(We only have one similar example that I can think of in Norway, and that is Kristiansund og Kristiansand. But then it says Kristiansand S (which means in the south) and Kristiansund N (which means in the north), so that you can see the difference better. Or did the ticket say something about west and..."something" else maybee...*kremt*. Anyway! I had to learn this "catchword" anyway, so why not learn it this way....50 EUR poorer...)

9 Oct 2010

Stereo Total

Free konsert at Kreuzberg, Berlin today! / Freie Konzert in Kreuzberg heute!

Spreading the "Kamilla og tyven" word!

Roy Scivyer, who´s also a voulunteer in ASF this year, has a blog about his work in Dachau. A few days ago, he posted something about me in it, so nice! You can read it here:


And the reason is that I might have singed a little bit..., after A-Ha and Morten Harked became a subject of speak..  And yeah, singing, with me it happens sometimes... I have loved this song for a long time, and I still cant believe how amazing his voice is in it. Now I made Roy love it, maybe you love it too? :)

And here you can see the start of the movie "Kamilla og tyven" ("Kamilla and the thief") where this song is taken from:


PS: This is the organization that both me and Roy are working for at the moment (the link in the pic does not work, so follow this german link: http://www.asf-ev.de )

8 Oct 2010

Lovely Berlin...Another blog to inspire

This is my friends blog, check out the update from Berlin (and other fashion stuff)
Diese ist meiner Freundins Blog, auschecken die Aktualiserung von Berlin (und andere Fashion-Accessoires)!


7 Oct 2010

Views of Berlin


And then, Hoa came to visitt!/Und dann kam Hoa besuchen!

I have also not forgotten my project with the Gum ball machines. I find them so beautiful, and here you find more: /Ich habe auch nicht meine Projekt mit "Gum ball machines"vergessen. Sie sind so schöne, und hier gibt mehre Fotos:

6 Oct 2010

"Norway around"

In case you really would like to go to Norway, but you don´t have the money or time to do it? Reporter Simmi from Aftenposten did it for you this summer, just follow these links:

(Altså.. i tillfelle jeg skulle få akkutt hjemlengsel... Eller i tilfelle noen her i Tyskland som jeg møter kunne tenke seg å vite mer om Norge.)

Geirangerfjorden m.m.:


Melk en ku: på 1 2 3!

En fornyet versjon av NRKs "Norge rundt", med andre ord.

Det virkelige Norge:
But, if you would rather see more civilised enviroments, and see how "most people" live, here are som pictures that might inspire you from Oslo. All we do is NOT just milking our cows... Men, hvis du heller vil ta deg en tur til sivilisasjonen, og se hvordan "folk flest" lever, her er noen bilder som muligens kan inspirere deg fra Oslo. Vi melker ikke bare kuer hele tiden altså..

5 Oct 2010

New look/ Neue Aussehen!

1. Aug. 2011


01.11.10: I am sorry for all the mess in here lately! Just realised that the former colour choices was totally crap really! It was impossible to read anything in here! Sorry about that...
Now its better I hope! Right?

27.10.10: And now, I have settled with this. Gotta love changes...!

09.10.2010: And then I changed it again...

Some weeks ago I did some changes to my blog. For instans does it now have an application, so that you can subscribe to this blog easier/ Vor ein paar Wochen, habe ich meinen Blog geändert. Zum Beispiel hat es jetzt ein Applikation, dass macht es viel leichter für dich, was hier jetzt passiert zu verfolgen.

You find it on the top of this page/ Du findest es oberst an diese Zeite.

I also have a new "Guestbook"-page/ Ich habe auch ein neue "Guestbook"-Zeite. It would bee really nice if you would say "hey!" to me here, when you visit my blog/ Es wäre sehr schön, fall du ein (kleine) "Hallo!" hier verlasst, wenn du meine blog besucht hast.

Lots of Love/Liebe Grüße