26 Oct 2010


Filmen er et bestillingsverk for organisasjonen jeg jobber i, altså Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste (ASF)

Auf Deutsch (Kürzversion):
Heute war ein sehr spannend Tag! Ich bin mit als eine assistentin in eine Filmproduktion hier in Berlin, und heute haben wir für diese gedreht. ASF, die Organisation dass ich arbeite als Freiwillig für, hat diesen Film bestellt.

Der Film ist ein gemisch von ASF Geschichte und eine Projekt dass ASF eine Partnerin in ist. Diese Projekt ist Neukölln Stadtteilmütter, und ihren Integrierungsstrategie. Die Idee, ist dass einige von dieser Stadtteilmütter die Geschichte in Berlin umgehen will, beide zusammen mit überlebende von der Zweiter Weltkrieg und alein. Ich finde das Filmprojekt sehr interessant!

Heute haben wir eine von der Statteilmütter Interviewed, beide bei der Büro für Neukölln Statteilmütter und auch zu ihrer Hause. 

See more pictures here: http://norskiberlin.blogspot.com/2011/03/work-filmproduktion.html 


Kelly said...

i haven't been here in ages– as you can see- but what's all this filming stuff?! what happened to the o' so lovely english :)

Linns blog said...

Hey Kelly-pelly! Yeah sorry about that, I wil stick to english from now on, I promice! Its a film project that the organisation that I´m working for has orderd. So thats why I can assist a little. The film is about a very interesting project, with foren imigrants, that mostly have a muslimic background. They do an integrating-project, which are called the "Statteilmütters" (The mothers of the quarter" that are supposed to help others, with less knowledg to get integrated. That project in itself has noting to do with ASF (my organisation), but now they have a project going on that they want to learn more about the history from the world war 2, and specially what happend to the jews. And ther they cooperate with my organisation, ASF. This is a pretty big step for many of them actually, considering that many of these people these days have sympati with the palestinan people, and not with the israelis (where most jews today live). Today however, the live in Germany, and off course, that makes them having to deal with this history almost every day. The interesting about this is also that the film takes these "mothers" around in the city so that they can tell the history from it with their perspective (together with an Holocaust survivor). It is a very interssting film, and I hope that it wil include english subtitles, I wil ask if this is possible. I have already gotten one request about this, from the norwegian ASF office, but of course it would also be handy so that you and others non germans can see this film. I am very happy that I can be able to assist on this while I´m here!

Linns blog said...

Sorry som typos, I´m a little bit tired right now...